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If you’re trying to quit smoking, our e cigarette starter kit can help.

Read some of the reasons below why some people think our electronic cigarettes are the best cigarette alternative.

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A safe Option-Thanks Bill

Aug 04, 2015 by Jo

I first met Bill in the Toombul Shopping Centre with his Aussie E Cigarette Stand. He was so accommodating in explaining everything to me and every time I need replacements or have any queries - nothing is a problem. Bill goes out of his way to answer my questions. Has taken me a bit longer to totally give away the cigarettes but I am getting to the stage they taste horrible so am going totally E-Cigarettes now. Thanks for your support Bill.

Jun 18, 2015 by Vicki hamlyn

I've been using these for a long time they are the best thing have helped me as I had lung cancer They really helped me bill is wonderful and will do. What ever he can for you I recommend this product and give it a 10 out of 10


Jun 06, 2015 by Leanne Barlow

I had been a heavy smoker for 37 years and it was part of my every day life. I didn't mind leaving situations to smoke because I enjoyed the 'quiet time' as well as the cigarette itself. After a medical scare, I was forced to give up 'cold turkey'. However, Aussie E Cigarettes were my saviour. I had NO problem giving up and I felt comforted by being able to continue the hand to mouth experience. Thank you Bill, my saviour!!


May 07, 2015 by Jordan

I enjoyed the e cig so much, I have found I am not longer short of breath but I will have a proper cig every once and a while but apart from this awesome product and on the road to finally quitting thankyou

Wow! Great result!

Apr 02, 2015 by Leanne

Last year, I was diagnosed with epilepsy that my Neurologist attributed to my 38 year, 35 per day smoking habit. I met Bill at Toombul Shopping Centre and thought that I would give it a go. Fabulous result!! I have not had a real cigarette since and really enjoy the fact that I no longer smell like a smoker! Fabulous product - I'm hooked!

awesome experience

Mar 11, 2015 by john rogers

I can only comment on the e-cigar as I have not yet bought the e-cigarettes but after trying the cigar I will definitely try them now. I had so much fun with the cigar an so did my friends , so realistic but without the nasty odour and bad taste they can leave in your mouth. absolutely awesome is the only way I can describe e-cigar , I am a big fan of your product. THANKS GUY'S.

do it! so worth it!

Feb 10, 2015 by Shazzy

Huge thx. to. bill for being in the. mall. that day...32 tears of. disgusting cigarettes....I. am now six months smoke free...I was. skeptical at. first...but has been life changing...love my ecig! thank you so much!

Response: Thank you so much Sharon for the testimonial - I will put it up on the website with others so someone else may read it and give them a red hot go and quit like you have - especially from Tasmania

Smoke free for three weeks now.

Nov 18, 2014 by Susan

I have been using aussie Ecigs for 3 months now been smoke free for 3 weeks now l started using the nicotine Ecigs & since then l have been smoke free, their is nothing better than getting up in the morning opening a new nicotine cartridge & enjoying my smoke knowing l am not putting junk in my body, I have tried all thee patchs, tablets, gum, but nothing helped me until trying aussie Ecigs, l recommend you try the Ecigs if l can give up smoking the way so can anybody else as well. Can't wait to see what free product l get with my order.

Best thing we have ever done

Nov 04, 2014 by Anthony Hall

Hi Bill hope you had a great holiday we did because having not smoked for nine months we could afford a great one. Thanks to trying your product by default and not even thinking about giving up cigarettes it has worked for us, i was a heavy smoker and much to my partners relief and support who was a medium smoker, ecigs have worked for us not even taking into the fact of all the benefits of health money and freedom that comes with having given up smoking. Thank you Bill and Tony for answering any questions and queries along the way keep up the great service that you have provided to us p's stick it up the pollies who have no idea what ecigs are all about reguards Tony

Sep 09, 2014 by Paul

After 10 months on aussie e-cigs, my wife and I have not had a real cigarette after over 40 years smoking together. That's the key for us - something we can still socialise with and feel like we're enjoying a smoke. Our friends are happy for us that we are a lot healthier and don't carry the tobacco smell everywhere with us, in our car and in our home.
The politicians and medicos who have made up their minds without regard to the evidence are just slaves of popular opinion. Unfortunately these people are also the ones we look to when forming our own opinions. I still reckon that smoking is the last great bastion of discrimination in this country and it has become socially acceptable to be rude, arrogant and bigoted toward anybody who even looks like they are enjoying a smoke, even if they aren't smoking.

Response: Thanks for your words of encouragement to all the other people who will read this - yes you are correct in that big brother ignores popular opinion and does whatever it can do to interfer with all our lives

Aussie e Cigarettes , USA 4.9 5.0 22 22 I first met Bill in the Toombul Shopping Centre with his Aussie E Cigarette Stand. He was so accommodating in explaining everything to me and every time I need replacements or ha
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