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E Cigarette Experts at Aussie E Cigarettes


Aussie-E-Cigarettes website and online store has been created to help people like you to find an alternative to smoking cigarettes.


I source the best products comparable to the top brands in the USA and United Kingdom and our manufacturer supplies some of the worlds top selling Electronic Cigarettes Brands as well as one of the biggest Tobacco companies in the World who by the way are now setting up or taking over/buying out the bigger ecig businesses in the UK and USA.

I am dedicated to providing you with the latest and best products – top class service in the hope that you can finally quit smoking. I have chosen our range of products, after much research, for the LOOK – USABILITY – QUALITY – CONSISTENCY OF PRODUCT – FEEL AND PRICE.

Aussie-E-Cigarettes are here to try and help you quit smoking.


Why did I create Aussie E-Cigarettes?

I was a smoker for over 35 years and tried numerous times and all different ways to quit smoking. It was not until I found e-cigarettes that I was able to satisfy the hand to mouth stumbling block that I kept on running into when trying to give up.

I was sitting watching the “Late Show with Dave Letterman” from America late one night and there they were – Dave Letterman and some Blonde Guest mucking around using an Electronic Cigarette as a gimmick but I instantly thought what a great idea. I did a Google Search and BINGO! An alternative to cigarettes – e-cigarettes. I researched for a couple of weeks before purchasing online. I received my starter kit which cost me $185.00 after about 2 weeks. I cut down from 30-40 cigarettes per day down to about 20 within a week and then down to 10 a week by week 3 and that is where it stayed for the next 4 weeks. These had 12mg Nicotine. Then I read about using and Electronic Cigarette without Nicotine and having a couple of smokes a day. Within 3 weeks of getting these I had rid my brain of Nicotine and 6 months later I really didn’t feel the need for my e-cig anymore.

I found that using an Electronic Cigarette gave me a new way of satisfying my habit while reducing the craving and stopping the poisons entering my lungs and body.

That was nearly 3 years ago now and I feel so much better as I can taste food again, run more than 50 meters without dying and have stopped coughing my lungs out every morning.


The Aussie E-Cigarette Service 

We will give you good service and will always be happy to answer any questions or help you if you do run into any problems with the products etc. Our prices are very competitive – Sometimes at the top end but will always be of great quality with great service & will remain the same.

We will also continue to improve our range of products – keep abreast of any new advances and keep you informed when necessary and or via our newsletters.


Giving Up Smoking Cigarettes

I know giving up smoking is hard. I know some will fail but I also know that this “INVENTION” has the potential to save THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of lives. And one of them could be you.

I also know for their own reasons some health officials and Government departments are against e-cigarettes but like anything the proof is in the results that people like you will hopefully have using an Aussie-E-Cigarette.

As stated before I cannot guarantee that you will give up smoking by using an e-cigarette – that is up to you.

But I can tell you is that they do work. They are a great alternative to the normal old fag and once you get used to the concept and idea we know they will become your best friend.

I know your family will thank you. Your kids will thank you. Your friends will pat you on the back and say well done – your doctor won’t see as much of you – and you and your body will be forever thanking you.


If you ever have any problems or wish to give us praise, send us a note via the “Contact Us” page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Thank you and good luck from the team at www.Aussie-E-Cigarettes.com.au



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