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This is how the government treats
Electronic Cigarettes in Austrailia



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With the changes in legislation made in Qld on the 26th November 2014 – with effect from 1st January 2015 – to the way they are now treating the sale of Electronic Cigarettes within Shopping Centres – As of the 1st January 2015 we are no longer able to have sign up displaying the words “Electronic Cigarettes” and can no longer have them on display above the counter – We will be still stocking ALL the normal supplies at our Shopping Centre Stands where you can still come and purchase your normal replacement supplies or to purchase new Starter Kits BUT you MUST ask us to show you these goods and tell us you may want to purchase goods then we can legally show and sell you your goods as the Qld Government is now treating Electronic Cigarettes as a normal Tobacco Cigarettes – YES IT IS UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE and we MUST adhere to the rules otherwise both you and we face fines – we wish to inform you that we ARE NOT going out of business & are hear for the long haul – We will still be at shopping centres in 2015 but will approach the sale of ecigs a tad differently – more to come later as to how to find us at the various shopping centres as we will be selling – apart from the e-cigs a great range of Smart Watches at cheaper prices than the name brands but do the same if not more than the so-called name brands plus Ladies purses with the ability to recharge your phone on the go and over time Dash Cams for your cars and ALL THINGS E SMART (E = ELECTRONIC) GADGETS which are the latest in technology to do with ELECTRONIC GADGETARY IN THIS EVER EVOLVING TECHNOLOGICALLY CHALLENGED WORLD – website name will be www.ESmartCompany.com.au and we will tell you when it will be up and running very soon – IF YOU ORDER ONLINE ANYWHERE IN AUSTRALIA THESE RULES HAVE NO EFFECT ON YOU OR YOUR PURCHASE – Thank You.






Queensland to restrict sale of e-cigarettes: Wed, 26 Nov 2014 with effect from the 1st January 2015

The sale and advertising of e-cigarettes will be restricted in Queensland from next year.
State parliament voted on Wednesday to prohibit the sale and supply of electronic cigarettes to children and restrict their advertising and display at retail outlets from January 1.
The use of e-cigarettes will also be banned in enclosed and outdoor smoke-free places under the Health Legislation Amendment Act.
The laws will also ban tobacco smoking and using e-cigarettes on school grounds, in prisons and on hospital grounds.
Health Minister Lawrence Springborg says the changes are in line with community expectations.
“Public health facilities are supposed to be a place of health and wellbeing; if we can’t send a very strong message there … we may as well give up,” he told parliament on Wednesday night.
“Many of the people who are in our hospitals … they are there because of the consequences of smoking illness and disease.
“We have to do something to say it is not acceptable.”
E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that look like cigarettes or pipes.
They heat a fluid, which usually contains liquid nicotine, into a fine vapour for inhalation into the lungs.
E-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco or produce smoke.

“Like regular cigarettes, the Tobacco Act amendments will not ban these devices outright but will subject them to tough restrictions.” The amendment follows the release of a World Health Organisation report last month which found there was insufficient evidence that e-cigarettes help people to quit smoking. It also showed nicotine exposure had the potential to affect brain development. Liquid nicotine, used in some e-cigarettes, is already illegal in Queensland. Mr Springborg said evidence regarding the short- and long-term health effects of direct or second-hand inhalation of vapour from e-cigarettes was still developing. “However, unlike the delay in responding to the dangers of tobacco smoking we have an opportunity to take action now to protect the health of Queenslanders,” he said. Last month, it was revealed that accidental poisonings from e-cigarettes had risen significantly in Australia over the past five years, with many severe cases affecting children.

*****FACT -The number of calls to the country’s four Poison Information centres went from two to 58 between 2009 and 2014. – THIS LADIES AND GENTLEMENT IS ONE OF THE MAIN FACTS THIS GOVERNMENT IS BASING ITS NEW LAWS ON – What they fail to tell you is that in 2013 there were over 3,000 children under that age of 10 admitted to hospitals in Qld alone from using/drinking/playing with household poisons found in the kitchen or laundry cupboard – HELLO WHAT A FRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cancer Council commends these new laws – just for your own information

The only thing continuously written about Electronic Cigarettes in this State of Qld is that they are bad for you – there is NO evidence they help you quit smoking – that all Electronic Cigarettes contain (liquid) Nicotine and that they are afraid that children and young adults may use them and this may lead them to start smoking traditional cigarettes.
So what do they do – select 2 or 3 negative articles from the WHO which was written about 4 years ago and something from Poland  – what they ignore is that NOT ONE PERSON in the 12 years since Electronic Cigarettes have been around has died – that there are multiple clinical trials completed successfully around the world including New Zealand and the UK so much so that the UK has embraced the devices so much that they are n commonly and legally prescribed by the medical fraternity in the UK with nicotine as the best practice form of quitting smoking to date so far and we ignore that stuff.
It is a simply form of the blind leading the blind – Young people may use them in preference to a normal cigarettes BECAUSE they are healthier than a normal cigarettes and they are smart and correct – they will not kill you where over 6,000 people in Australia will die from smoking this year alone and that does not take into account the thousands more diagnosed with lung cancer and other health issues from smoking.
And the Cancer Council simply sticks their head in the sand along with the government and wants them banned as well – MIND YOU THE ACER COUNCIL IS A GOVERNMENT FUNDED ORGANISATION – Don’t have to say any more do I now!!!!

Buy The Best Quality Electronic Cigarettes Online Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne Australia -WE MEAN IT!!!!!!

*******Buy a Cheap Electronic Cigarette In Australia or from Overseas and you will most likely hate the taste – you will probably have the battery stop recharging within days and/or only get 20 or 30 drags out of it before you need to re-charge it and the Cartridges will leak fluid – REMEMBER YOU ONLY GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. It never ceases to amaze us that the more we talk to people who “really” want to quit smoking and the fact that they will readily spend anywhere from $100 per week to $300 per week on smoking & then wonder why they have no money left the day after they get paid and/or complain it’s the governments fault somehow that they are killing themselves, yet are NOT WILLING to spend anymore than $30 or $40 on an Electronic Cigarette that in the end may save their lives – save Thousands of Dollars each year and has the proven ability to help them quit smoking for good. Yes we get the fact that people are worried that they will waste their money – chuck it down the drain – if it does not work and all those things as we have all tried many ways to quit smoking before many of which has cost us a lot of money – but what the hell are you doing anyway – you are chucking $100 to $300 per week down the drain anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We speak to people every day that have tried the “CHEAP E-CIGS” and are still smoking then tell us BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY TELL THEMSELVES THAT “OH WELL THAT DIDN’T WORK” or “BEEN THERE DONE THAT & IT DIDN’T WORK” but what they have not done is given themselves the absolute best opportunity of quitting smoking that has ever been invented by spending a bit more money on a TOP QUALITY ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE THAT TASTES JUST LIKE THE REAL THING but will not kill you – will calm you down especially when you have more money left in your pocket each week and feel healthier but importantly WHEN IT FINALLY WORKS FOR YOU. When YOU try a top quality Electronic Cigarette such as Aussie E Cigarettes knowing that we are 100% fully owned and fully operated and based in Australia – QLD – and are absolutely dedicated to great customer service with the ability to speak one on one with us to answer your questions or to take orders over the phone, you can have the confidence that you will get a SUPERIOR PRODUCT to 99% of all others in the market place. We know that ordering from an overseas company can be hit or miss – you have no comeback if anything goes wrong and you have to wait a minimum or 4 or 5 days for delivery of goods – with us its usually 24 to 48 hours – but that is up to you!!!!!!!!!!
When you order from Aussie E Cigarettes: You will be buying the best quality products available in the marketplace. You will get 100% great customer service – You will always speak to the owner of the business when you call or email. You will get your goods posted to you generally the same day as you order as best we can do it You will always get immediate response and help if any of your equipment is faulty or seems to be not functioning properly. And we are here for the long haul – YOU WILL GET A RESPONSE FROM US ALWAYS As ex-smokers we understand how hard it is to quit – we understand you have probably tried many times using many methods to quit but have failed – we get that bit!!!!!!!!!!! We understand you do not know if an e-cig will work for you – hence your hesitance to spend more than $30 – we get that bit as well!!!!! The only think we can do is recommend you spend a tad more money and buy a good quality Electronic Cigarette that tastes just like the real thing – IS GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY WHEN IT HELPS YOU and has a back up plan and a company that is there for you when you need us. The rest is up to you – GOOD LUCK


As best we can, we will endeavor to wrap & dispatch your order within 2 BUSINESS DAYS from the date of receipt of your order for non- nicotine orders and 5 business days for nicotine orders which we will have dispatched from our offshore centre & your parcel will then be sent Australia Express Post – HOWEVER, we cannot be held responsible if you DO NOT re-order & allow sufficient time as stated above for your Cartomizers to be delivered – NOTE: Australia Express Post DO NOT pick up or deliver over the weekend – they work strictly Monday to Friday – We strongly recommend you place re-orders of stock no later than Wednesday each week to ensure delivery the same week. Please be aware of Australia Express Post time frame for deliveries to remote regions/towns/cities within Australia as these rules are out of our control.

FUTURE OF E-LIQUID BEING SOLD IN AUSTRALIA IN BOTTLES AS WELL AS THE IMPORTATION OF E-LIQUIDS FOR ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES: It only takes a couple of ill advised greedy stupid people to bring a halt to anything good these days and this is the case with the importation of E-Liquid for use in Electronic Cigarettes – some may have read articles online where a couple of sellers up at Harvey Bay in Qld. imported over 300 bottles of E-Liquid containing Nicotine of varying strengths up to 24mg and have now been arrested some 3 months ago & charged with multiple charges ranging from illegal importation of liquid nicotine and the sale therof plus other offences. It is stupid, idiotic actions by people such as these that may give rise to a TOTAL BAN on the sale of Electronic Cigarette Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne Australia – Already we have seen the W.A. State Government, after successfully appealing a previously won court case against a vendor ban Electronic Cigarettes because they look like a cigarette etc. and the last thing I want to do is jeopardize my business as well as the opportunity of customers continuing to quit smoking and for this reason I will not be importing E-LIQUID BOTTLES OF JUICE OF ANY KIND – ZERO OR NICOTINE BASED – weather it be from our .com website or this site as well. All over the internet you will read about these bottles of “E-JUICE” or “E-LIQUID” being sold so you can refill your ecig and save a few more dollars. Let me explain a few things – Firstly, buying e-liquid in the end will cost you more than buying Pre-Filled cartridges in the bigger variety ecigs such as the vgo’s or ego’s or evods etc as you will continually have to buy more Atomizers – but more wicks for the centre of the claromizer/cartridge – but more bottom coils and seals etc. The taste of the liquid will never be the same as the normal pre-filled cartomizers you buy now or the pre-filled clearomizers as you have to be 100% exact EVERY TIME you refill to make it taste the same – with the pre-filled the machine will do it 100% all the time. And then the simplicity of buying the pre-filled options and they are always ready to go. And that is over and above and before any interference from the health regulators or Government bodies HOWEVER, I am talking to manufacturers to see if we can up with a viable solution where we can have Clear Cartomizers Pre-filled with the e-liquid in amounts of 3 to 5ml – It is a matter of design and testing but I would think that with 4 to 6 weeks time a solution acceptable to all bodies will be found by myself in conjunction with my manufacturers.

INDICATION OF WHAT IS COMING WITHIN THE NEXT FEW YEARS. How much proof do you really want that electronic cigarettes help people stop smoking???????? Sales in America this year tipped to exceed $2 Billion and in the U.K. They estimate that 1 in every 5 smokers will be using an Electronic Cigarette by the end of 2014. If you want proof that e cigs work and will in the next few years take over from normal cigarettes as the smokers choice of preference then look no further than the Tobacco Company giants. Four or five of the biggest manufacturers of tobacco cigarettes, such as Marlboro, Pall Mall etc. are now setting themselves up as Electronic Cigarette suppliers and building manufacturing plants. These big players know that electronic cigarette Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne help people quit smoking and see their rapid increase in popularity as a major threat to their sales. What more proof do you need that one of these major tobacco companies recently paying $135 million dollars to buy out and take over an electronic cigarette online business? The tobacco industry sees the use of these products as a real threat and that they need to be part of the smoking revolution that is sweeping the world. So why would you not buy e-cigs and give them a fair dinkum go?

Results of Studies Conducted Into Electronic Cigarettes Recently, an In2town Lifestyle Magazine asked 100 people to try the best electronic cigarette Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and discovered that an electronic version gave the same amount of pleasure as a normal cigarette gave to people who were addicted to smoking. So, switch to Cheap Electronic Cigarettes Australia and enjoy the benefits. The study discovered the following:

  • 46% said that smoking the e cigs made them feel they were smoking a real cigarette
  • 44% said the electronic substitute was giving them the same pleasure as a real cigarette
  • 48% said after smoking the substitute they did not have the urge to smoke another cigarette
  • 42% felt that by smoking the substitute it would help them to reduce the number of cigarettes they smoked in a day and help them to reduce the amount of money they spent on cigarettes.
  • 38% thought the electronic cigarette Brisbane could eventually help them to stop smoking real cigarettes and help them to become healthier.

As many people have experienced, e cigarette Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney bring the same pleasure as normal cigarettes but the huge difference is the cost and the health benefits that they bring. On a more personal level, one of the people in the trial said she found the following as a result of using an Electronic Cigarette Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane:

  • 1. She feels a lot healthier
  • 2. She no longer wakes up in the morning with a lot of phlegm
  • 3. Her finger tips are no longer stained yellow and the smell of tobacco has dissipated.
  • 4. The electronic substitute do not stain her teeth
  • 5. She is able to smoke the alternatives anywhere including restaurants and airports

E cigarette Brisbane, allow you to smoke where normal cigarettes do not allow, including airports, restaurants, shops etc. Buy E Cigarette online Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and quit smoking now. While discussions continue by the regulative authorities in Australia as well as overseas as to whether they help you quit smoking or not – the proof for the individual is very simple to find – buy e cigs online and try one for yourself – if you are committed to quitting smoking then you will stand a great chance that they will work for you. USING AN ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE TO HELP YOU QUIT SMOKING WILL NOT WORK FOR EVERY SINGLE PERSON – SO LONG AS IT WORKS FOR YOU, THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS.

About Aussie E Cigarettes

Hello my name is Bill. After stumbling across an Electronic Cigarettes online Brisbane nearly 31/2 years ago that finally helped me quit smoking after 35 years, I decided to help other people do the same thing. After exhaustive testing over a 12 month period of various product options “Aussie Electronic Cigarettes” was born in September 2010 in Brisbane and now has in excess of 6,000 customers. I promise to deliver a great quality product – I supply the best E Cigarettes Australia wide to areas including Sydney, Melbourne that either beats or compares to any overseas brand or name. When you buy Electronic Cigarettes without Nicotine Australia online from my website, you can absolutely rely on the personal one-on-one service I will give you 100% of the time. I can guarantee you will not get that from any other business here or overseas – but that is up to you to believe and/or find out. I will always call you back ASAP to answer your questions. NOTE: BEWARE OF OVERSEAS BASED OPERATORS OFFERING CHEAP ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES AND PRETENDING TO BE AUSTRALIAN BASED BUSINESSES – HERE TODAY, GONE TOMORROW AND THE AFTER SALES SERVICE IS MOSTLY NON EXISTENT – BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!   Read More [/one]



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Free at last

Jul 19, 2013 by Maria Ward – Seven Hills NSW

My husband and I have been using your product for 3 months now. Not only have we been able to completely stop smoking but our taste buds are improving. But the BEST part is that our sense of smell has returned and neither of us realised how horrible cigarette smell is! Thank you so so much – you have also saved my husbands life – he had to have a triple heart by-pass this week and the fact that we had stopped smoking allowed the surgery to go ahead and he has had no complications.

Response: Thanks Maria – Glad we were able to help

Just a note also to let you know I received my starter kit on Thursday the 19th of March 2013, i have gone from a packet a day to sometimes 1 1/2 packs a day smoker to Friday only having three real smokes, sat had 2 real ones and today only 1 real one, I cannot believe how easy this is, I have always known have been much more addicted to the habit of smoking rather than the nicotine but I am totally blown away. Thank u so much so thought I would stock up & just keep on going!!! UPDATE: 19/05/2013 Thanks heaps 62 days as a non smoker still going well

Charmaine, Redland Bay Qld

This is an unsolicited testimonial to the quality of your e-cigarettes. I have been a smoker for 57 years and, for the last 5 years, have been smoking at least 30 cigarettes per day. After meeting your representative Bill at Victoria Point Shopping Centre on 14 February 2013 I bought your “kit” and have not smoked a normal cigarette since that day! The amazing thing (to me) is that I have had no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever nor do I have an increased appetite. I am still using the e-cigarettes (no mess, no smell, no ashtrays) and am delighted with the product. My family and my GP are also impressed with the results of switching to e-cigarettes and I have been approached by a number of people requesting advice regarding availability and point-of-sale of this wonderful product. Many thanks

Jean, Victoria Point QLD

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Replacing the Habit with Electronic Cigarettes

The hardest part of quitting smoking is not the nicotine – it’s the replacing the hand to mouth habit that we miss so much. In this aspect of quitting smoking, electronic cigarettes (also known as e-cigarettes or e-cigs) can help. For many smokers, taking a break to go outside during work or after a meal is ingrained into their daily routine and without it they feel a little lost – which only adds to the pain of nicotine withdrawals. Thankfully, there’s a convenient new answer to your quitting woes- you can now buy best E cigarettes Australia via online and enjoy the same relaxation & social habit, without the health risks.

What are Best E Cigarette Brisbane Australia?

Revolutionary technology lets smokers experience smoking wherever they please – no more hiding under eaves or being blown about in the wind. The smokeless cigarette is battery powered, which lasts for many hours and is extremely easy to recharge. Electronic Cigarettes with Nicotine Australia have combined the ultrasound vaporiser and a mouthpiece into one piece, called a cartomiser, making the e-cigs safer and easier to use. The battery power stimulates the ingredients of the e-cigarette cartridge to vaporise. The vaporiser then completes the major task by delivering smoke-like vapour, which looks and even tastes like the smoke of a real cigarette. This special kind of vapour that emits from the ultrasound vaporiser evaporates after a few seconds.

What Aussie E Cigarettes offers

Aussie E Cigarettes are the best e cigarettes in Australia, being easy-to-use and of a high quality. Cheap electronic cigarettes in Australia are not always of high quality – it is best to purchase a trusted brand, like Aussie E Cigarettes. When you buy E Cigarettes Online from us, you can be assured of quality. You can also get cartomizers in a variety of flavours, including menthol, apple and chocolate. Each cartomizer has approximately 200 to 250 puffs, which is the equivalent of smoking a packet of 30 to 40 cigarettes. When you buy E Cigarettes Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne through this website, there is a 30 day replacement warranty on all components (see the instruction manual and conditions for details).

Why buy E Cigarettes Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney

Buying e cigarettes online Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney means you can do it from the comfort of your home – no searching for specialist stores. You can browse the whole selection of electronic cigarettes online, and take your time choosing the combination of flavours that are right to you. Then your e cigs are delivered straight to your home. Your health is one of the biggest investments you can make – it’s important to spend both time and money on it, and we’ve made it that little bit easier by offering some of the most affordable & cheap electronic cigarettes Australia has ever seen.

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Shopping Centre Display for this coming week will be at Capalaba Central - near Optus - From Tuesday 27th January to Saturday 31st January - 9.00am to 4.30pm weekdays and till 3.30pm Saturday - In the meantime if you need supplies order online as usual or call Bill or Tony to place your orders and we will try our best to post your order within 24 hours of receiving the order - Thanks Bill